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IT42 Android App

Update: 24.09.2015

You can find the latests IT42 database for android at http://jentsch.io/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/it42.zip. Download it and select the new database on you android device.


IT42 is an offline stackoverflow post viewer, simple, lightweight and ad-free.

With IT42, you can open stackoverflow data dumps and search for posts while you are offline. IT42 uses virtual table modules that allows you to perform full-text searches on a set of stackoverflow  posts.

After installation of IT42 you have offline access to the top 10.000 stackoverflow posts tagged with „android“. If this is not enough for you, you can download a stckoverflow data-set with 100.000 stackoverflow posts tagged with „android“. This is the best supplement for Developers using AIDE – Android IDE.

IT42 Features

  • IT42 is very fast even with huge dictionaries like stackoverflow data dump for android
  • IT42 works great as an mobile offline developer resource
  • IT42 has a bookmark function, so you can bookmark your posts for later usage
  • IT42 uses a very efficient, highly compressed dictionary data storage format
  • IT42 comes with a ready to use android developer database
  • IT42 ready-made dictionaries can be found here
  • IT42 comes with a build in search history

IT42 Stackoverflow Data Dumps

Download 100.000 Stackoverflow posts tagged with android